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Wanda Stutsman - Artist

Metal Art and Outdoor Lighting
Art in the Garden

Creating beautiful gardens takes a good plan, perfectly selected plants, and just the right focal point.  Designed with scaling in mind, these beautiful pieces of custom metal art make the perfect focal point for any size garden.  A set of coneflowers or a trio of day lilies add a nice blend of nature and art to compliment the plants that grow naturally around it.   

Light in the Garden

A garden should be enjoyed both during the day and at night.  These handcrafted steel lights are the perfect addition to any garden, patio, or sidewalk.  Garden Series lights display original artwork of trees and plants that are growing in our gardens, and the Modern Series reflects current architectural designs.  The “Solar” option uses the latest solar technology for brighter and longer lasting light with no wiring required.  At night the lights cast a warm glow on plants, ponds, and pathways.  During the day, the light is a unique piece of steel garden art, providing an unexpected element of surprise to your outdoor environment.

Custom Creations for Patio and Home

Creating a piece of custom metal art for a specific location or function is always a delight.  Custom artwork can be created to embellish a gate, enhance a front porch, or add art to an outdoor living area.  These custom creations bring your vision to life in a unique and beautiful piece of steel garden art.  The challenge of creating new natural elements is always welcome. 


Possibly I was born an artist in my own right.  My mother, father, his sisters and brothers are all artists of some medium; an inherited trait that didn’t stop with them.  The progression of life kept my focus on other task for many years.  There was no doubt that my artistic talents showed through in my flower arranging, sewing, and interior decorating.    So why call myself an artist now?  Is it because it sounds good or is required when making items to sell?   Nonetheless, I have found a passion for recreating plants in steel.   I enjoy the challenge of taking a flat piece of steel and sculpting it into a larger replica of our garden’s kings and queens.   


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Studio by appointment: Keller, Texas 

Phone: 817-269-7125


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